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Voice CLI

CLI voice term is related to providing the highest quality and provides the exact Caller identity of caller internationally.


Silver term is specially designed for cost-oriented customers and to provide the best quality for the call with the cheapest possible rates to the client. Best quality is possible due to our.


Voice apps is a millennium methodology evolved over years of experience and the technologies incorporated for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks

SMS Hubbing

Cherry-Net SMS is one of the SMS Provider in the world providing direct SMS routes to over 100 countries, proudly presents to you our very own SMS Platform.

SMS Messaging API

The Messaging API allows applications to create and send SMS messages globally. Designed by Cherry-Net, the Messaging API defines a common set of interfaces that allows programs written in any common language to communicate with other messaging implementations.

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Cherry-Net delivers world-class wholesale carrier services and solutions With a fast growing global footprint in an increasingly challenging business world by successfully integrating the latest technology and innovation We have been evolving ourselves from the humble beginning with faith, hope, team spirit and enthusiasm to achieve our summit.Today we have established ourselves as an emerging global player with diversified offering in next generation telecommunication services. We can help you grow your business, expand into new markets and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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To responsibly provide quality services through innovation, learning and operational excellence by inspiring moments of communication and happiness, while sustaining maximum value for our stakeholders and creating values to make a difference.

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To be a preferred partner, enhancing customers with the ideal communication experience
from beginning to end, through innovation and technology.

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